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Lots of bloggers have made a lot from ads networks like mediavine and adsense but you could earn more from Value Impression Ads Network. As the name Implies, Value impression is a website that actually value publishers impression and because of that, they pay a lot than any other know ads network.

What is value impression?

Value impression is a Interdog Media Limited Company with more than 8 years of experience in ads networks and stuffs like that, it is also a network with high reputations and confidential energy. It was created to show bloggers the real importance of the impression they get and the real worth of the clicks they also happens to acquire.

Why is Value impression different from other ads nerwork?

The two main reason why value impression is better is because firstly, value impression pays you what you deserve and not some little money for lots of impression and click that at the end of the day, you account will end up being banned for some stupid reason such as excuses like your website uses bot traffic or too much ads on website and other annoying things like that that actually happen on some of the ads networks.

Secondly, Ads network slows down website alot and this is the main reason why some of this website’s ranking reduces on Google and this will really affect the site’s traffic and so, the website wont be getting the usual amount of a traffic that it usually gets before. Value impression is totally different because it doesn’t make site slow down like the other ads network, too much placement of some ads network also slows down website really much but even if you place too much value Impression ads on your site, you will definitely face no such problems.

And lastly, Value Impression are reliable, not like so ads networks that bans you for you explainable reason.

How to register on Value Impression

Registration/signup is simple and you wont have any issue signing up as long as you meet the requirements of the network and feels in the asked questions.

Value impression requirement?

Their requirements is straight forward, once you have up above 750,000 traffic monthly then you are surely going to get approved and sometimes if you have high quality articles on your blog then they may consider you.

Value impression payment Method

One of the important thing to know before using any ads network is knowing the network minimum threshold and method of payment, some ads network pay 200$ minimum while some pays as low as 20$ as the minimum cashout amount.

Here below are the Minimum threshold of value impression and the payment Method:

  • Bitcoin: withdrawal starts as low as  100 USD
  • Payoneer: Withdraw on payoneer is 100 USD
  • Paypal: You can safely withdraw into your PayPal account once you have 100 USD
  • Wire Transfer: You can withdraw using wire transfer when you have 1500 USD

On value impression, cashout takes place on the 3rd of every month so if you happens to cashout in January than be expecting your revenue 3rd of the following month.

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Value impression alternatives

They are lot of ads network around the world which Value impression happens to be one of them. This makes It to have numerous alternatives but they is always an ad network that is better than another so Here are the closest Ads network to Value impression:

  1. Ezoic
  2. Adsense
  3. Monumetric
  4. MGID
  5. MediaVine
  6. Media.Net and much more others.


Value impression is a great ad network and shouldn’t be compared with others because they value your impression and also your clicks and you will surely get more than triple of what you get on AdSense, and it does not slow down site like it likes.

If you are looking for a Ads network that will value your traffic, then try This ads network.

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