What is Call of Duty: Vanguard

Slehave released Call of Duty: Vanguard, a first-person shooter game set in 2021. On November 5, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S received the game. It is the eighteenth installment in the Call of Duty series overall.

Call of duty Vanguard

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When will Call of duty: Vanguard be released on PS5?

It is believed that the video game shall be released on 5th of November 2021 and it is an anticipating game for PS5 gamers. You should also know that ‘Call of duty is not Free’ and you can purchase it from  many sources.

Call of Duty Vanguard size

Call of Duty: Vanguard has been available for pre-loading since November 2nd, and it’s a good idea because Vanguard has the typical high file size of most recent games (though less than the historically bloated standard for Call of Duty, which is nice). Players should expect the following download sizes, which vary by platform and are not affected by any day one patches:

54.65 GB on PS4
64.13 GB PS5
56.6 GB Xbox One
61 GB Xbox Series X/S
61 GB PC/Battle.net (or 36 GB, see below)
It’s worth noting, though, that prior Call of Duty games allowed players to download separate game elements for a more cost-effective download experience. So, if you’re not interested, don’t bother.

Is Call of duty Vanguard going to have Zombies?

Yes call of duty will have zombies like the other installments and it is going to he a heck of a fun. You can read more about the Zombies in the review section of this article.

Call of duty Vanguard



Activision has revitalized its main subseries and pushed the series in a new direction in recent years, bringing the Call of Duty series back to its former glory. On top of those significant releases, Infinity Ward rebooted Modern Warfare, Treyarch launched a new Black Ops game set in the same continuity last year, and the mega-hit battle royale Call of Duty: Warzone was distributed for free. Now it’s the time of Sledgehammer Games to take the reins. Despite returning to the series’ WWII roots, Call of Duty: Vanguard manages to feel fresh despite traversing familiar ground.

This year’s Call of Duty is divided into three parts, as usual. A blockbuster single-player story, a full multiplayer suite, and a side mode are all included. The campaign and multiplayer components are as expected, but there’s a new Zombies mode developed by Treyarch in a first for the franchise. A massive WWII Warzone update is coming out a month after the game was released. While Call of Duty: Vanguard has a lot of content, how does it stack up against the past games in the series?.


The majority of the story is recounted in flashbacks, placing you in the shoes of one of Task Force One’s agents prior to their joining the squad. The problem is that each soldier only gets one or two missions, leaving little potential for character development or growth. That isn’t to argue that Vanguard’s cast is completely uninteresting, but the entire campaign feels hurried. It’s attempting to pique your interest in all of these characters without giving you much time to get to know them. With the flashback method, the team had the right idea, but it ends up feeling like all setup and little payoff.

The single-player campaign is seldom the major focus of a Call of Duty game, but in recent years, the series’ tales have gotten more and more attention from the developers. Call of Duty: Vanguard’s single-player campaign isn’t as strong as Modern Warfare and Black Ops Cold War’s, but it’s still enjoyable. Task Force One, an elite team of global agents from many fronts of the conflict, is at the center of the plot. Although it is a character-driven story, it does not give the characters much opportunity to shine.

Call of duty Vanguard

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The major issue is that nothing actually occurs. The stakes and implications of Modern Warfare and Black Ops Cold War were as faulty as their campaigns. The campaign of Call of Duty: Vanguard seems like an episode of The A-Team. The villain is a generic Nazi leader, the McGuffin is irrelevant, and there are no repercussions until the credits have rolled. It’s basically a bunch of nice guys shooting a bunch of bad men. The plot abruptly ends just as the characters begin to develop depth and you become attached to the squad. It looks like we’re in the first half of a fantastic season.

Call of duty Vanguard cover art

The cutscenes, on the other hand, are the most notable element. Although they appear to be pre-rendered 30 FPS videos, they can sometimes appear photorealistic. The illusion is broken during discussions or when the camera zooms down on a character’s face, although it’s difficult to notice in wide images of scenery or buildings. It’s incredible that someone might walk in and believe you’re watching a Netflix show or a documentary during some sections. Call of Duty has long been known for pushing the limits of graphics and performance, but Sledgehammer Games’ technical brilliance is unrivaled.



Call of Duty Vanguard Multiplayer

The multiplayer is the main attraction of this game, and it is the reason why 90% of Call of Duty fans buy the games. Sledgehammer Games, on the other hand, did a decent job with balance and map choices. The quality of maps has been hit or miss in recent years, particularly in Modern Warfare, but there isn’t a single terrible map in Vanguard. The lowest are just average, while the finest are outstanding.
The Vanguard beta map Hotel Royal is among the finest of the best, while Red Star, an outdoor map focused around a Stalingrad courtyard, might be a little problematic. Even yet, there aren’t any maps that will cause the majority of players to exit a match.

However, due to Vanguard’s new Combat Pacing feature, the experience on these maps can differ drastically. This allows participants to control the pace of the game. Tactical is for those who like the slower 6v6 tempo of Modern Warfare, whereas Blitz is for those who want chaotic fast-paced engagements. Combat pacing can drastically alter the atmosphere of a map. Dome, a returning map from World at War, for example, seems fine on Tactical but is a complete disaster on Blitz. However, some players enjoy the pandemonium, so it’s wonderful that the choice is available.

The spawns aren’t fantastic regardless of the Combat Pacing you choose. Terrible spawns have become a Call of Duty fixture, but they felt particularly bad in Vanguard. I spawned exactly behind individuals or adversaries spawned right next to me on multiple instances. This is especially noticeable on smaller maps and when playing Blitz mode.

The return Of ZOMBIES

Call of duty Vanguard

Zombies from COD vanguard

Zombies return as well, bringing with them a new chapter in the surprisingly rich narrative surrounding the horde mode. This story serves as a tie-in to the undead narrative of Black Ops Cold War, but it’s the kind of stuff you can completely ignore if zombies aren’t your thing.
The team claims to have drawn inspiration from roguelike games, and it shows. Zombies is now made up of short excursions into small regions with a hub area in between, rather just running trains through the same passageways. In the central area, you can visit the Mystery Box, Pack-a-Punch, and purchase perks, but the longer you stay there, the more Zombies spawn.

Overall, it’s difficult to predict how Zombies will progress from here. Der Anfang is a promising start for Treyarch’s new Zombies vision, but with only one map and a few gateway zones at launch, it seems like the introduction of Black Ops Cold War all over again. I won’t be able to remark on the main quest/easter egg for Der Anfang until after it launches. Still, there’s little doubt that Vanguard Zombies will grow into a content-rich mode in the future, but there’s not much to do right now.

From Vanguard’s Hotel Royal to World at War’s Shi No Numa, entering a portal can send you to a different part of the Red Star map or to a different map entirely. You’ll be assigned a short task to perform, such as living for a certain length of time or escorting an orb to a specific location. The game progresses to the following round after leaving a portal. The only way to advance to the following round is to enter a portal.

Is it really worth playing?

If you really want to know then play it and see but it is a good game with multiplayer and all sort of other things too.

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