Battlefield 2042 means different things to different individuals, but I’ll tell you what it means to me. It’s all about spending quality time with my friends on the battlefield. W’ll find out Battlefield 2042 release date in this review. I can engage in a long-range infantry skirmish, create widespread havoc with a tank, or strap explosives to a jeep and ram it into an opposing vehicle.

There was something missing in the series’ recent venture back in the past like with Battlefield 1 and, to a lesser extent, Battlefield V. Yes, Battlefield 1 was tremendously deep and atmospheric, and yes, Battlefield V took advantage of my propensity for World War II–themed shooters, but neither of those games produced an environment that sparked my mind. Instead, they felt too grounded, too concentrated on shooting, and careless about providing gamers with the liberty that the previous games had worked so hard to achieve. To put it another way, they didn’t feel like sand box prior Battlefield games.

What is battlefield 2042

Battlefield 2042 is a video game developed by DICE game company and released by Electronic Arts. The game was initially released on  19-Nov-2021 on game consoles like PlayStation 4,  Xbox Series X, PlayStation 5 , Microsoft Windows , Xbox 1 etc. This game also differs from other Battlefield games because of just a reason, Battlefield 2042 actually turns out to be only multiplayer and does not have a single single-player mission.

The fact that older Battlefield games were explicitly designed to generate those debates made them so unique. Although the “only in Battlefield” tag is a memetic marketing ploy, there’s a reason why it’s so popular among Battlefield enthusiasts. DICE expressly developed Battlefield games so that players may construct their own story using the tools and circumstance available in their sandboxes.

Battlefield 2042 release date

Battlefield 2042 release date is believe to be on 19 of November 2021 and right now, its become the talk of town. It was released to focus  mainly on multiplayer campaign and easy editable sand boxes which user can edit the way they want it to be.

Is Battlefield 2042 really worth playing?

A part of the game make it less attractive and another part makes it seem interesting like have you seen the game played online, you will be addicted without even playing it and what of if you play it? But you might find that you dont really enjoy playing as much as watching and then you wasted you money and that is why we’ve got review.

I am sure that this game is not a trash that they say it is and it is even better than what they thought.


Class act

Ome of the best thing about Battlefield 2042 is that the game’s most traditional mode, All-Out Warfare, was the most divisive prior to its release. That’s because the new Specialist system replaces the series’ tried-and-true class system—some variant of Assault/Engineer, Medical Support, and Recon characters. Players can now choose from ten Specialist characters, each with their own distinctive attribute and speciality gadget, rather than four general classes with specific gadgets and weaponry. More crucially, while each Specialist is assigned to a function identical to that of earlier Battlefield classes, players can equip whatever weapon and secondary device they like.

Maps and modes

None of these aspects—Specialists, weaponry, and loadouts—would matter if Battlefield 2042 didn’t nail the most important aspect of the game: the battlefields. Thankfully, the maps in 2042 are not just among the largest in the series, but they’re also among the greatest since Battlefield 3.

Orbital, Renewal, Discarded, Manifest, Kaleidoscope, Hourglass, and Breakaway are the seven new maps in Battlefield 2042, excluding the six rebuilt maps in Portal. The fact that I spelled them all down without looking them up demonstrates how memorable each map is, each providing a unique experience.

In a crowded metropolitan area, Kaleidoscope, for example, is made up of shiny skyscrapers and a large park. The beached vessel that serves as Discarded’s focal point could be its own map, while Manifest’s nocturnal shipping yard setting is mazelike, claustrophobic, and vertigo-inducing.

On most of 2042’s levels, verticality has returned in a big manner, giving the game a more dizzying sense of scale and lots of opportunity to use the game’s improved parachute system. Complex points of interest are also back to host extended, dynamic firefights. The stadium in Hourglass, the rocket production facility in Orbital, and the border wall on Renewal are all noteworthy. You have made some excellent points.


Playing games together as a team is what defines gaming and DICE even proves it more when they released their Latest game to be solely on multiplayer.

This idea is a dumb one and hopefully they will think of a great one that will clear up their already made mess.

Seriously,  some people like playing solo and you buy a game to discover that cant be achieved as in what in the world does that mean. I believe that solo missions make a game and every game should have one.

Many games have it, how hard could that be since players didnt complain that it should be removed? We expect that you make it up to us and clear your mess.


Who doesnt want to edit their own game? Am sure we all are pretty familiar with sand box, you are sure to find one in one of those old supermario games down to few video games but hey if you can think of anthing better than editing your game,  then i will like to hear it.

Sandboxes are fun if you ask me and they gives you the priveledge to edit your game and this game just gave you one.

If you are sure to play this video game by DICE,  be sure to tell us what you think about the sandbox and even The entire game itself.


There’s also the Hazard Zone, a team option that’ll please those who have a group of buddies with whom to participate (but if you want you can rely on matchmaking to find a party). On the same All-Out Warfare battlefields, eight four-player squads compete to gather as many Data Units as possible from downed satellites and flee the region before it’s too late. By boarding a Kondor, you can withdraw yourself at two different times, but the competition is fierce right from the start. Opposing teams are the primary threat, but AI-driven adversaries can also cause problems, and there’s always the possibility that a tornado will join the party.

Hazard Zone has a currency (Dark Market Credits) that can be obtained in a variety of ways and must be invested during the pre-match phase of each match to purchase better equipment (there is a free basic loadout, but by spending the credits you can buy the weapons we have unlocked and possibly previously customized with various grafts) and very useful perks (how to recover 50% of the credits spent in the event of non-extraction) in order to be more performing and increase the ch rate.

Winning a game allows you to earn a lot more credits, not to mention that the Data Units gained by digging through the capsules or stealing them from the other teams are only brought to safety by the two teams that finish the extraction. So, certainly, the winner gets to enjoy it, while the rest of us have to make do with crumbs, and frequently not even those.
Hazard Zone is a high-octane gold rush that emphasizes cooperation and teamwork, as well as the ability to make quick judgments and develop a strategy based on the situation.

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Hero Shooter

The absence of class-based responsibilities is a big change in Battlefield 2042 that affects both All-Out Warfare and Hazard Zone. Specialists, an assortment of characters each with their own distinct attribute and specialty, have taken their place. For example, Webster Mackay can move faster when looking down sights and has a grappling hook that can be connected to surfaces and used to pull the player up to its anchor point. Maria Falck is a medic who can bring individuals back to life and heal them with a syringe aimed at friendly team members. Or Ji-Soo Paik, who has a thirty-second cooldown on a wallhack that allows her to highlight foes within rangeout.

Where can you download Battlefield 2042?

This game currently on Amazon and you can find it on steam too. It will appear once you search for it and with no additional trouble just go straight to check out and you’ve got your game then you can kick back and start playing. It really is that simple, no long story no nothing.


It’s been a fun time now am sure you know what I think about Battlefield 2042 and we also found out Battlefield 2042 release date. With this we come to the end of this article, if you were expecting a game review before and you havent seen it yet on the site, try to contact us and we’ll get right on it. Just please do subscribe to get access to latest posts.