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What is Appyet?

Appyet is an app maker website that makes an app for you in just 5minutes with lots of great features and mind blowing layout and It have been tested by a lot of websites which after the test admits that it is true.

I have created more than 10 website app on it for testing purposes and none have failed me, the app did what they are meant to do. it is an app maker that have existed for a long time now and the app does not have any scam report.

The site is really easy to use and it is best for RSS/Atom, Podcast, HTML5, YouTube , Blogger, Pinterest, Tumblr, Twitter, WordPress and a lot others but it is mostly used for wordpress and blogger websites which are the most famous web builder.

The app maker is free and it does not require coding of any kind. It is completely native codes which means it have a very wonderful layout that attracts users and traffics of all kinds

. It is also easy to monitize with familiar options like facebook ads and admob. It is very dependable with the ability to add features to your app.

Unlike the other app builder you can actually monitize your apk without actually upgrading to premium which is one big advantage and also one reason it is great.

How can you create apps on it?

Step 1 : Create a account (Important)

Creating an account is something we all know how to do definitely so it won’t be hard to do just fill in your details (First name, last name, email and password) and register, verify your email and login.


Step 2: Filling the app details (Important)

In this step, you fill in details about your app, these includes; app name, package name( which can be automatically set for you) and templates which are mainly the demo template and blank template. The demo templates is the default template so it is the one mostly recommended by experts. After filling in the app details, click next


Step 3: Filling in the General Details (important)

This is a easy step and in this step you will fill in stuffs like the app Logo which you can upload or use the default one, the content rating (which provides 4 options which are Everyone, medium maturity, low maturity and high maturity).

It also includes the version name, the version code, Header image (you can use the default image or upload yours) , Notification icon (it have a default icon and you can upload yours) and lastly it shows you the building status of your app.


Step 4 : Editing the Modules (optional)

This step is straight forward , the modules are in a table and the table is divided into four option these are, the modules type (this show the type of module that are you looking at and you are about to edit if you want), the name (this is the name of the module) and enable/disable ( this is where you enable or disable a module).


For a wordpress website, you will scroll down to where you can add new modules and click on the WordPress option, you will be taken to another page where you will enter your link and after that you will be taken to where you will set the settings and you can even choose to go back to the modules page.


Step 5: Setting (Optional)

This is perhaps the most important part of creating an app and this place is where you edit your app let check what is in the setting shall we :

Display language: This option permits you to select a language you want your app to be, the language here are a lot, they include English, Arabic and more.

: This is where you can set a message for the user when that first opened the app, like a guidance message.

Show display language : This allows the users to select the language of their choice.

New Article Open Module: choose whether to open and sync a new article with the default module or not.

Sync on Startup and Interval


Privacy Policy and Help-Link

Auto Cleanup

Wi-Fi option


Step 6: Themes (Optional)

In this page you can create a theme, the default theme colours are black and white, but if you are not satisfied, you can create a new themes with a new colour. It is also the easiest step.

WebSnap for AppYet App Creator Create Android App FREE 4

Step 7: Firebase integration (Optional)

Just input what they ask you, in this page you will see options which are the firebase Project Id, Firebase Google App Key, Firebase Google API Key etc. Just be careful in this step.

WebSnap for AppYet App Creator Create Android App FREE 5

Step 8: App monitizing (Optional)

This is actually a very easy step, as most of us reading this post are familiar with Google Admob and facebook audience network. All you need is your ad code for banner and interstitial and you are good to go. Don’t forget that you can put admob test ads on your site first to test the ads first.

WebSnap for AppYet App Creator Create Android App FREE 6Appyet ads

Step 9:.Upgrade to pro (Optional)

This is one of the way Appyet makes money by having a pro service, which means once a user upgrade to pro, the user will get extra features and Appyet will get extra money which is a win win system.

Appyet pro

Step 10 : Building your app (Important)

This is the last and important step of you, in this step you are going to finalise everything by clicking build which will tell you to wait 15s and after 15s your app will be ready to download, the link of the app will be sent to your Email so if you need to download it, you will see it their.


Why do people love Appyet?

This website is loved by people mostly because of it unique design and monitizing features, and also lot of people don’t get Adsense approval so they are like why not create an app with ads and earn from it, meaning all their hard work on blogging paid of.

It is also easy to use, just few informations and click and you are done. Let not forget that the premium version is packed with other features that users need, and it is not just for bloggers but also for blog visitors.
You can be like I can’t be visiting this site everyday what should I do to get latest articles from them and also read them offline when less busy and you can just go to and create an app with the website URL, it is that simple.

Appyet site data?

The site is 10yrs 3 month old, it makes about 800$ per day , it gets approximately 68,000 real visitors a day and it ranks 24,904 on Alexa.

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Website features

Appyet have got a lot of features, which includes
1. The feature to monitize your app
2. The feature to add feature to your app 😀
3. You can create lots of app on it.

Is they ads on appyet?

No, appyet does not run ads of any kind on the website which makes it fast and easy to navigate through without being bugged by annoying ads about stuffs you don’t need.

Why/when should you use Appyet?

This website is recommended for you if you want to get more clicks form your article or let assume that you want people to read it without going on any browser so you can use it and it is also recommended for site visitors with the same intentions.

The app is User-friendly and you don’t need to worry about any bugs on your app and even if you find one, you can always contact their customers care and they will fix it up in a few minute which won’t only help you, but others with similar issues.

Appyet pros and cons


It is free to use

It is monitizable

It is easy to customize

It is trusted by millions of peoples


It does not have a database

It does not provide app source code for editing purposes

It have limited customization option

It cannot be used for affiliate marketing

What does appyet rank on alexa?

Alexa is world most trusted seo website where you can check site ranking and this site ranks Number 24,904 that is a great thing which means the site ranks well on Google and it is visited by a lot of peoples.


Appyet is a good and unique app creator that is easy to use, it is easy to monitize apps with it conveniently and if you are a blogger then give Appyet a chance surely you won’t be disappointed. Since it is free you don’t need to worry about the app price so yeah you need Appyet.
Thank you for reading today’s post, for more guidance, comment below.

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