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Touch surgery

Touch surgery is a mobile application developed by medtronic game company. The app is a video simulation of how surgeons actually do surgery in the theatre and hospital. As a medical student or trainee this app can make you a specialist only if you watch carefully and don’t make any serious mistakes. It Is an app made by surgeons for surgeons and medical personnels .This app is updated every year so they won’t be bugs which may cause crashing.

What do you learn on TOUCH SURGERY

On touch surgery, you can learn variety of courses that some specialist spent lot of money to learn about it this courses includes:
1. Vascular surgery: Vascular surgery refers to variety of different procedures to treat injuries and disorders involving the arteries, veins and lymph vessels.
3..Basic surgery skills: it include being good in knot tying, using medical instrument and other essential medical stuffs.
4.cardiology: this involve the heart
5.Cardiothoracic surgery
6.dentistry: this involves the mouth
7.Emergency medicine
8.General surgery
9.Global surgery
11.obstetric and Gynecology
13.Oro-Maxillofacial surgery
14.Orthopedics and trauma
15.Plastic surgery
16.Urology: Urology is the surgery that deals with the male and female urinary system eg bladder and the male reproductive system e.g scrutum

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Where can you download Touch Surgery?

You can download Touch Surgery on play store, Apple Store and Here on ToutReview .
It is available on iPhone,android and Ipad.

How can you learn on Touch Surgery

You can learn by watching the simulation closely and doing tests to test your skills.

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How many video are on touch surgery

Touch surgery have more than 200 videos and this are updated daily. The videos include:
Emergency First aid for serious bleeding and this simulation is for everybody not just those that want to learn surgery, because it tells you what to do when you see somebody bleeding which is actually nice. I have also studied the simulation and I think it is perfect and It does even take time to learn.

Is Touch surgery Free

Yes, touch surgery is totally free. You don’t need to buy the application because it was created to help surgeons and medical students.

Is Touch Surgery Good

Yes touch surgery is the best place to learn surgery.

What should you first learn on Touch surgery

Emergency First aid for serious bleeding is the first thing you should learn because I think it is for everybody and not just surgeons.



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This simulation is simply the best, from brain surgery to artery surgery and so on well it is simply the best especially for medical students who are still on their way into the world of medicine and curing disease.

The developers of this app really made lot of effort and their efforts are not to waste because the app is carefully coded so they won’t be even a little bug on the app which make the app to blend into the world of perfection.

In conclusion, this application (Touch Surgery) is one of a kind.

By Kamaldeen Abdulfatah

I am kamaldeen Abdulfatah, a blogger and developer who loves to create posts and write reviews on earning websites and useful tools stuffs.

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