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Sega have achieved lot of things and one of those is making Sonic game, but they didnt stopped there, they decided to make Sonic the hedgehog” movie which is a very awesome movie that every Sonic gamer should watch to know the origin of sonic. So do you want to know about the speedstar origin then keep reading to learn more.

What is Sonic the hedgehog?

Sonic the hedgehog is a movie created by Sony in collaboration with Sega, it was released on ****. The movie is based on the Sega video game “Sonic”. Sonic is a hedgehog that have a superpower which is super speed, that made the little guy to be the fastest being on earth and with that much speed sonic is able to generate unlimited electricity which is able to power all the earth.

Why should i watch sonic the hedgehog?

The movie is really epic and a smart gamer and movie enthusiasm wont think twice before watching this movie, with the trailer giving you lot of clue about how crazy the movie will be, no body will want to miss the movie. Comedy, adventure, action and love are all parked in the movie ,the way the Sheriff saved sonic life was something that hit every body’s heart.

What happened in Sonic the hedgehog?

Sonic the hedgehog Started with sonic being chased around by a robot with a crazy scientist in it, then sonic started narrating how it all started.nic’s home planet, Sonic superspeed was supposed to be kept a secret but due to the carelessness of the hedgehog he became a prey and that forced him to leave the planet and go to earth.
10 years after the incidence, sonic have settled in a small town named Greenhills, even though he had to live in secret he had a favorite family which he loves hanging out with but it is more like spying on them. They is also a man to claimed to have seen Sonic even though he calls him the BLUE devil but the people thought he was crazy.
The sheriff of the town is sonic’s favorite person and he even nicknamed him DONUT LORD because he talks to donut, thats a nice nickname isn’t it.

because they was nobody there to cheer for him. He started running in circles on the field which made him released a great amount of electricity which caused a complete blackout in Green hills, knowing what he did, he ran back to his cave to see if anybody will noticed.

The next day, the United States government thought that Green hills was under terrorist attacked so they decided to involve a crazy scientist to investigate the case. At the field where the Sonic incident happened, lot of government agent were they when suddenly a few cars parked and out of it came a crazy man known asDoctor Ivo “Eggman” Robotnik. He ask who was in charge and then told the man that he was no longer in charge any more.

Doctor Ivo “Eggman” Robotnik Sent out his drone to search amongst the tree if they is any clue about what really happened and so with that he found a footstep on a stone and when it was scanned, the crazy scientist discovered that it was no terrorist attack but that footstep belongs to an unknown creature.

Sonic knowing for sure that he might soon the caught decided to leave planet Earth to go to the Safe Land which is a planet filled with mushrooms and no intelligence to spy on or even make friend with. Sonic wanted to find a safe place to teleport himself using his rings to the mushroom planet without anybody accidentally following him so he chooses the sheriff’s garage.

When Sonic entered the garage, the sheriff was in the kitchen calling his wife when he heard a sound from the garage which got his attention and so he rushed into the garage with a ****. Sonic brought out his ring and before he could think of the safe world the stunt sheriff shotted him, sonic begun to feel dizzy then he looked at the sheriff’s cloth and saw San Francisco, the ring he was holding fell down and open a portal to San Francisco.

Sonic felt unconscious and the bag which he kept all his rings fell into the portal and landed on a tall building in San Francisco . After Sonic gain consciousness he saw himself in a cage and came out,the sheriff was surprised and after lot of discussion with the alien, he agreed to help Sonic find his ring.

before they left their house, the crazy scientist drone followed Sonic’s footstep to the sheriff’s house and so the scientist entered the sheriff’s house asking the sheriff all sort of question, when the scientist in realized that the sheriff knew nothing he started leaving when suddenly he saw Sonic’s hair stuck to the cushion and that made him believed that the sheriff knew about Sonic.

The Scientist threatened the sheriff with one of his deadly drones which forced Sonic to come out, with a super punch by the sheriff, the Scientist fell down and Sonic and the sheriff took down the drone together then they set of to San Francisco but when they were going they stopped at a bar where the sheriff told Sonic about the Bucket list which is a group of things a person want to do before he kicks the bucket, Sonic made his own list which the sheriff helped him to do must of it.

A fight happened in the bar which was part of the thing in Sonic’s list and Sonic was able to defeat them all, they stopped at a hotel where they both pass the night. After He dozed off, the sheriff checked Sonic’s bucket list and he saw that they was a thing unchecked which was to make a real friend.

The next day, Sonic and the sheriff continued their journey but they didn’t know that the scientist was still on their trail and after the Scientist visited the bar that Sonic went, he discovered where they were.

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He sent a high tech car to follow them and when they became aware of the car, Sonic was able to hit the car which caused it to turn over, out of the car came another smaller car and they managed to destroy that one too then that car became a one wheel machine, the sheriff destroyed it and out of it again came out a tiny helicopter which removed the roof of their car completely, Sonic spoilt it and then they was this tiny ball that Sonic couldn’t get of his hand and so they had to stopped the car.

After lot of attempt, Sonic got the ball out and right before he reached the sheriff’s place, the ball exploded which made Sonic to fell unconscious again. The sheriff quickly took Sonic to his wife sister’s house in which his wife is currently at, the wife sister thought the sheriff was now a terrorist because she saw him on the news that he was now a terrorist so they had to tie her to a chair to stop her from calling the police..

They were able to wake Sonic up and The sheriff wife sister’s daughter brought a new shoe to Sonic because Sonic boot were worn out, Sonic was very happy with the present.

Unknown to the Sheriff and sonic, the hair that the scientist took from the couch contains unlimited amount of electricity which the scientist use to super charge his robot, and that made it as fast as Sonic.

The sheriff and his wife together with Sonic found the building and made their way to the top of it, Sonic found his rings but unfortunate, the scientist found them too and sonic thought that the smartest thing to do was to pushed the sheriff and his wife down the building then the scientist released lot of missile and fire them at him but as usual Sonic slowed down time. Unknown to Sonic, the Scientist was about to use Sonic’s hair to power his robot.

The Scientist clicked the button and blasted Sonic, Sonic somehow escaped the blast and teleported the falling sheriff and his wife to Green hills. The scientist told Sonic that he was as fast as him and they was no use in running, Sonic started running teleporting him and the Scientist to places like France, great Wall of China, Egypt and finally they went to Green Hills.

The tired hedgehog fell down, the sheriff was their and saw Sonic’s ring then took it and teleported himself to the top of the Scientist ship. After a brief fight, the sheriff fell down from the ship. Sonic stood up to confront the Scientist, with lot of electricity running down his body Sonic sensed that the scientist is using is hair to generate unlimited electricity which enabled him to be as fast as Sonic then Sonic extracted the electricity in the hair and told the scientist that he won’t run anymore but he chooses to stay in Green hills with his friends.

After a fight Sonic sent the Scientist to the Mushroom planet, he high five the sheriff and started living an happy life with the sheriff who turned down the work that he was given and stayed in Green Hills with the peoples he care about. Sonic also got a room at the sheriff’s house which he calls his cave.

At the end of the movie, another character with the ability to fly super fast appeared and it seems she was looking for sonic, and she said ‘Hope am not too late’ Meaning something bad was about to happen.

Which superpower do sonic have?

Superspeed: This is the power Sonic is best known for and through out the movie, sonic ran so fast that people thought it was breeze that was passing isnt that crazy.
Electricity: Sonic body have a huge amount of electricity that flow in the and even a single hair of sonic contains unlimited electricity and could super charge lot of Machines.
Super strength: The little Hedgehog also have super strength as we can see what destroy destroyed the scientist robot by hitting his power on it.


Sonic The hedgehog is a good film with lot of interesting characters and they did a splendid jobs too but here are my problems with the movie, if a single hair from sonic's body could make eggman's drones more faster, then it makes no sense that sonic with lot of that kind of hair Is not faster than eggman's drone. 
the other thing is that sonic could slow down time, which include any body so how was Eggman able to clearly see sonic when he had already slowed down time.  That's all the things that should be explained.
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