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What is Photomath

Photomath is a Java coded android and iOS application that was released in the year 2014 by the developers Microblink; photomath, Inc. It is an app that uses a phone camera to scan an equation and solve it in a matter of seconds.
This app is gold to the app developers because with it they have make a lot of money. The app is used by parents, teachers and students around the globe.

What makes the app great

Photomath has lot of features which include the ability for you to solve math problems without even thinking. To students, this app is gold. But the app is not just for students, it can be use by teachers for marking school assignment and it can be use by dads or moms for going through children assignment before they submit it to their teachers the next day.
Photomath also have a built-in calculator for people with bad phone camera and I’ll say the calculator is not a bad idea because if a math problem is much than why not use a modern calculator that does the work for you.

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Is photomath free

Yes it is free even though the app has a paid version which solve the question in a way that you will have no problem understanding but hey at least the free version also solves the equation for you.

Why use photomath paid version

If you want to solve the math equation only then use the free version but if you want to understand the math equation then I will recommend the paid version.

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Where can you download photomath

Photomath is available on Google Play store and App Store, it is also available on their website

How to register on photomath

To register is quite easy, first of all download the app obviously, then open the app, after you opened it, it will display a welcome message ‘Scan Math problems for instant result’ you may click on skip or next, if you choose to click on next another message will appear which says that ‘Learn with step by step instructions’ then press next again and, it will display the a message which is ‘Solve more using the smart calculator and finally if you press next the last time it will display the last message which is ‘explore multiple solving options’ then click done.

The next thing is that it will ask your age but don’t worry you can use it regardless of your age, then it will ask if you are a student or teacher or parent and you are done.

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How much do make daily

Photomath makes approximately 24.8Millon dollars per year.

Photomath Alternatives

Photomath have got lot of alternative which includes but not limited to Fxsolver which is free and is the best alternative , mathpix snipit is also a good alternative and it is also free but have premium version , cymath, Microsoft math solver.


Photomath is an app that is best for solving math problems and it is the best. So you need to solve then this is the app.

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