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Have you ever wondered what appsgeyser means?, Have you ever wondered how to create games and apps in few minutes for free. Well I think appsgeyser is what you need. Last time we talked about how to turn blog into app but today we will learn how apps are made.

What is appsgeyser?

Appsgeyser is a website that can instantly create games and apps for individual or business. The website create app in just 5min without you knowing any thing about coding for free. It have more than 30 template which means you can create 30+ different type of apps for free.

appsgeyser is actually easy to use and so you won’t have trouble finding what you needing.

Why should I use appsgeyser?

It is up to you to decide what you want to use appsgeyser for but if you ask me, it should be used for many things like many money, creating app for YouTube channel so it will be easily accessible, creating puzzle games with a picture you snapped with your friends or even creating a music player for yourself or for the whole world to use while you earn from it.


So they are many reasons why you should use or you want to use appsgeyser so

what’s your reason
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How to register on appsgeyser?

Registration on the website is super easy, first you visit the website that you’ll click on the login button as circle in the image below 👇

Appsgeyser homepage

Next you will enter you Email and password and you will be redirected to user dashboard where you can create your first app.

How many type of app can you create on appsgeyser?

Here are the lists of apps and games template available on the app creator

Business apps

  • Business website app: This is mostly for business website only and not for blogs.
  • Facebook Page App: Create app to easily share your Facebook page around.
  • YouTube App: Create an app for easy access to your YouTube channel.
  • PDF FILE to App: Turn a PDF file into an app.
  • Text Page app: Create an app filled with text.
  • Rss feed to app: Convert blog feed to app.

Monitizing apps

  • Website/ blog to app: This is for blogs.
  • Video calls and chat app: For Creating a chatting and video call app.
  • Messenger with video call: For creating simple messenger apps.
  • Browser: For creating browsers like chrome, Samsung browser, Firefox and so on.
  • Wallpaper: Create an app filled with wallpapers.
  • Photo editor: A simple photo editor app.
  • Tiktok profile to app: Turn a celebrity tiktok account profile to an easy accessible app.
  • Fishing game: Creating an app for fun, it’s called fishing game because you do fishing In it.
  • Convert likee profile and video to app: If you are a user on likee, you might as well just create an app for your favorite influencer.
  • Keyboard app: Create a keyboard with lot of backgrounds.
  • Slot: Create a slot gambling machine.
  • Matching puzzle: This game is really interesting, you find two identical objects and match them together.
  • Word search: Create word search app.
  • Quiz: Create extreme quiz app for your friends.
  • Book reader: Ebook reader is really handy for those who like reading Ebook novels.
  • Case simulator: create case simulator app.
  • Media player: If you want to listen to all the music in your playlist then you have to create your own unique media player.
  • Mobile TV: Turn YouTube channel into a Mobile tv and have fun watching the movies and clips.
  • Find the pair: Create find the pair app.
  • Web app: Create app for HTML5 games.
  • 2048 puzzle game: Do you love puzzle, then you gonna love this app.
  • Colouring: Colouring is fun with this app.
  • Music streaming app: Listening to music have never been better.
  • Magic ball game: Create a magic ball game.
  • Spin the bottle game: Spin the bottle game is a fun little game.
  • Tap the cookie : Create tap the cookie and earn points.
  • 15 game puzzle: Another puzzle game which is super nice.

Now we will learn how to create; Book reader, Magic ball game, Photo editor, Browser and Website app.

How to create a book reader app on appsgeyser?

This is very easy if you follow the steps

Step 1: Read the Template description and hit next.

Step 2: Upload your books in a .epub or .PDF extension and you can use a link that is directing you to the PDF book.


Step 3: Choose a colour for you app and hit on next.
Step 4: Enter app name and hit next.

Step 5: Upload an icon for the app and you may decide to use the default logo and icon from appsgeyser then hit next.

Step 6: Click on Create and you’re done.

Let move on to the next app.

How to create a Magic ball game on appsgeyser?

Step 1: Read the instructions and add a phrases of your choice to the app. You can use phrases like Your future is bright or definitely.

Step 2: Select a ball with upto 5 options to choose from and you may decide to use a custom ball.

Step 3: Select a Background, they is also options for custom background Then click next.

Step 4: Enter app name and click next.

Step 5: Choose and Icon and hit next.

Step 6: Click create and your done.

How to create a Photo editor app on appsgeyser?

Step 1: Read the template Description and hit next.

Step 2: Choose main menu style.

Step 3: Choose a color for Camera button button color.

Step 4: Upload image of your own Photo Editor’s logo for menu background and upload image for your Photo Editor’s menu background then click next.

Step 5: Fill in the sticker adding page information and move on by clicking next.

Step 6: Enter app Name and click next then choose and icon and click next.

Step 7: Click Create and you’re done.

How to create a browser app on appsgeyser?

Step 1: Firstly Read the template description carefully and click next.

Step 2: Add at least 6 links to your bookmark, then add the background image and click next.

Step 3: Select news widget type, news tab position, weather widget type, History widget type,bookmark widget type and download widget type under the widget section then click on the homepage section to upload a custom HTML file, and lastly the website section where you can add the website that will appear for the first page of the browser then click next.

Appsgeyser browser section

Step 4: Now you are going to choose the toolbar design, toolbar position and drawer Position. Then click next.

Step 5: Enter app name and click next.

Step 6: upload icon and click next.

Step 7: Click create and your done.

How to create a website app on appsgeyser?

Step 1: Enter URL of your site and click save, it will automatically select the blog type for you. Next you will customize the app layout and Click next.

Step 2: Enter App name and click next.

Step 3: Upload icon or use the default and click next.

Step 4: Click create and your done.

Appsgeyser alternative

  1. Android studio
  2. Appconvertly
  3. Bubble
  4. Appyet
  5. Appypie
  6. Andromo
  7. Goodbarber

How to remove appsgeyser ads from app

Removing appsgeyser ads is simple for those who don’t like it, you get the power to control your ads once you upgrade to a premium level and you don’t get just that but you also get other features like in app purchase, unlimited push notifications etc.



“I’m totally hooked. I’m not a developer, I’m an accountant but I can write about 3 lines of HTML code and upload icons so I can build apps with AppsGeyser “

Mark Polino


“I love the idea and I see lots of potential for a lot of people to have fun with their Android platforms and even start developing! Great work!”

Bill Landahl


“It’s a great service, that can improve the way we surf the web in a mobile phone.”

Luis Leger

How many apps are created by appsgeyser daily ?

Upto 5000+ apps are created daily thanks to the app creator.

Appsgeyser Pros and cons

Pros Cons
Easy to use Need upgrading for better features
Can be monitize Profit have to be shared with appsgeyser
Unlimited apps can be created You can't get the app's source code
It is user friendly. It doesn't have a database

Is appsgeyser free?

Appsgeyser is free to use and you can even create unlimited apps with it without paying but you can also upgrade to three different stages; master, individual and starter each with different features.

Is appsgeyser safe ?

Yes, it is totally safe so you have nothing to worry about all apps created by appsgeyser can’t be hacked or something like that so you are safe.

How many apps can I create with appsgeyser?

You can create unlimited amount of apps a million, 2million perhaps and a lot more.


Appsgeyser is a website with lots of standards which makes it the best website to create games and apps, that’s two in one. You can even surprise your friends on their birthday with a puzzle game made with their own picture, believe me this have worked for me.

Personal media player, webview website application, games made by you to stay entertained all are allowed to be created on it.

With this we come to the end of this article if you have anything to add please

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Have a nice time.

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